Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

We create LMS platforms 这将适合组织目标, training strategies and help see desired outcomes from a short-term perspective. Inoxoft is an LMS 专门从事建筑开发的公司 LMS software that will bring value for money and stand out with a great user experience.


Caring about education means integrating technology to help students produce creativity, and reflect ideas. A high-quality learning platform can perform the next essential functions:

Helps create equality in education environments and reach horizontal relations
Effectuates transition to gamification, remote learning, and all innovations in education


你可以在学习平台中包括什么? How to choose the functionality that could meet all of the end-users needs? The way we are developing apps always includes the analysis of your requirements and the discovery of your product. The success of custom lms solutions is guaranteed when the pain points of the end-users become well-known to us. Then we build our solutions based on the acknowledgment that the features we add are necessary and all the risks are predicted.

  • 通过LMS与同学和同事沟通
  • 使用电子成绩单监控成绩
  • 在线评估和分发作业
  • 在一个地方得到结果,并通过电子邮件通知其他人
  • 将LMS与需要的平台集成
  • 使用日程安排和跟踪工具
  • 在云中享受可伸缩的内容库

Create Corporate LMS

Manage employee training and track career development inside your company via a single e-learning training platform developed by Inoxoft. LMS for startups and corporate settings fulfill the goal of innovating scaling up methods and leveraging the professional potential of personnel by progressive learning and automation at the workplace.

With our Learning Management System development services, we offer businesses an opportunity to:

Use built-in authoring tools to develop custom enterprise courses


为以下内容创建单独的程序 employee training


Monitor career movements on basis of ontined quality knowledge and skills





Drive innovations with LMS

  1. 增加技术潜力和专业知识

    Boost technical knowledge and share the experience via different formatting of materials in LMS. Divide employee training by expertise, invite people to participate, and receive invaluable results from corporations.

  2. 解锁决策技能

    Online learning and focus on personal growth via possibilities of LMS software development 能否促使人们采取新的步骤和做出新的决定. They may rethink the way they are doing their work and find themselves agile in some new areas.

  3. 指导和领导技能

    Develop custom training software 促进师徒关系,在团队中展示真正的领导者. LMS可以帮助人们根据他们的目标团结起来, teach courage and present new ideas to internal and external working environments.

  4. 关心员工的心理健康

    Include modules that gather feedback from employees about their state. Ask them how they feel about programs and whether learning is useful for them.

  5. 支持会计部门和销售部门

    Hiring a new accountant? Help them with onboarding and first steps in the company via LMS. Simulations and just-in-time testing can help them feel more confident in their work and stay tuned in.

  6. Gamification

    Earning points, leadership boards, gamified profiles can attract young learners as well as adults. Gamification is an award-winning feature to include it into LMS and receive maximum satisfaction from end-users.

  7. Simulation

    Professionals, high-school learners, little kids obtain skills quickly and effectively via realistically simulated environments. The opportunity to act as if in a real-world always sharpens critical thinking and makes learners decide wisely.

  8. 通过媒体提供沉浸式学习体验

    360 images, video, and animations can engage users to the fullest and provide realistic learning experiences to what they are studying.


Inoxoft will consult you in any question if you want to create LMS software for your company or if you are thinking of something similar to the features below:
  • 整合公司的CRM系统
  • 与领先的课程和认证相结合
  • 每位员工自我实现成长的数据分析
  • Data analytics on the progress of departments or the whole company
  • 健壮的内容管理工具
  • 安全的在线评估和反馈模块
  • 以直观的方式实施品牌设计 user interface
  • 对结果分析的权限管理


Inoxoft为初创公司提供了许多教育项目, businesses, 以及实施游戏化的机构, language e-learning software太空观测系统等等.

Inoxoft Delivery is targeted at client satisfaction and high-quality business lms applications. We follow two key principles of product development which are iterative delivery and expectation management. Each and every time our clients are fully satisfied with on-time releases, fully-functional apps, and clear code.

We provide LMS development services to help businesses align their needs with learning practices and educational institutions to authorize learners with new horizons for their self-realization paths.

Hire lms developers 来部署最好的服务 android/ios 与其他平台相比,使用效率最高 programming technologies like nodejs lms, and django lms. 全球十大外围足球平台的专家可以添加到您的应用程序 monetization by providing lms in healthcare 以及其他与教育相关的行业.

Development with Inoxoft

Inoxoft is an international team of certified LMS developers who ensure broad sector expertise and high-quality development services based on:

  • 预算和问责透明化
  • Set clear timelines
  • Tasks prioritization
  • 讨论和评估风险
  • Regular feedback
  • Demos
  • Two-weeks iterations

Get an expert view of
the idea

Inoxoft提供产品发现 lms app development. 这就是众所周知的市场趋势, analyzed end-users’ needs, 评估风险会增加你成功的机会. Discovery phase in 定制学习管理系统LMS软件开发 at Inoxoft means:

The team won’t start implementation if the project concept is vague and end-users’ expectations are not discovered
The expert team conducts Business Analysis for you at an affordable cost. 所以,发现阶段是创业公司避免失败的最佳阶段
As a result, your e-learning solution 会针对特定的目标受众
该应用程序将解决确切的用户 engagement 并满足他们的教育需求
The app requirements will be refined and clearly stated to ensure both parties stay on the same page

Start your project today

If you are interested in custom LMS development, send us your request and we’ll provide you with the consultation of our 学习型管理系统开发者 帮助你有信心开始这个项目. We’ll tell you about models of cooperation that depend on time-frames, requirements, 以及项目预算机会.

如果你有想法,或者想知道是什么类型的 custom LMS development Inoxoft offers, and whether they have some innovative features, tell us in your request. Our team will contact you to provide comprehensive consultation on your ideas and needs.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

全球十大外围足球平台始终为客户提供最好的质量 定制LMS软件开发 services. 因此,他们往往会带着新的想法回到全球十大外围足球平台身边.



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