There are many opportunities that new 技术 are giving to us. To watch how quickly 和 smoothly an application works, to know that its 发展 和 testing were fast enough 和 easy – that’s the prime aim, a golden mean among developers’ circles. 2018年,采用了一种写作方法 代码库 at the fastest terms 和 effectively combine it with design 实现 resulted in an ingenious open-source UI software 发展 kit, 被称为颤振. The advantages of 颤振 in the first place as the most top-priority skill for software engineers.

什么是颤振应用程序开发? The concept with which 颤振 has been presented to the world: create beautiful apps around the world. Inoxoft是一个 颤振应用开发公司, specializing in solutions for 移动开发, 和 st和ing side by side with modern 颤振 技术. We take direction at satisfying end-user needs 和 meeting our clients’ requirements. 因此,全球十大外围足球平台引入 移动应用开发服务 适用于iOS和安卓应用. New powerful 移动 solutions are waiting to help your business grow.


全球十大外围足球平台的 颤振的应用程序开发 company delivers software solutions for medium, small businesses, 和 startups. The network of our partnerships reaches the USA, 英国, 瑞典, 荷兰, 以色列, 德国, 和 other countries across the globe.


We specialize in custom solutions 和 successfully resolved challenges for narrow-specific projects in 医疗保健, 金融, 物流, 教育.

  1. How do we choose a tech stack for the project?

    Firstly, we analyze the requirements 和 business 目标. We evaluate whether the software has complex business logic, what are additional features, etc. Peculiarities of the project influence what functionality we have to create 和 what set of tools to use. Medium 和 large-size projects are hardly built in only one 编程语言. It is never enough to say that we use only this or that technology. 经常, projects are built with the help of various 框架s, 第三方集成, 服务器和更多.

  2. We find the solutions to match your business 目标.

    The pre-实现 stage of the project is often underestimated, though it influences the idea positively. It reveals things that can be improved when the client could not notice them independently. 全球十大外围足球平台的 离岸团队 的项目经理, 参与和交付经理, 团队领导, 高级工程师致力于你的想法, 评价它, 估计风险, 以及有待改进的地方. We will learn your potential customers, what functionality they want to have in the app 和 what their pain points are. 因此, we find better solutions that match exactly your business 目标, your wishes 和 meet all the requirements.


Add extra potential to your application with 颤振 移动 app 发展. 全球十大外围足球平台将创建全功能的, 数据驱动的, intuitive software solutions with rich UI design for you.



颤振是一种编程 框架 used for 移动 application 发展 和 allows 编码 在安卓和iOS上. The first distinct peculiarity is that 颤振 is based on Dart, one more 编程语言 for creating multi-platform solutions, 关于这项技术的更多信息:

  • 技术水平
  • 由谷歌
  • Ranked #2 as the fastest-growing language
  • Reduces the time for 发展 from 1 month to two weeks


  1. 伟大的设计特点

    New design features that are easily implemented within code: Shadows, blurs, masks, shimmering, smooth page transitions 和 animations

  2. 有益的 颤振的插件

    在颤振, there are a number of ready-made Google plugins that suit perfectly well for different apps.

  3. 自定义UI,优秀的用户体验

    颤振允许伟大的合作 颤振应用程序开发者 with designers because you develop 和 watch design updates at the same time. 选择不同的布局, platforms or devices – Inoxoft knows how to realize UI/UX ideas into a visually attractive application made with 颤振.

  4. 跨平台的机会

    Inoxoft专门研究颤振 移动 针对iOS和安卓的应用开发. 全球十大外围足球平台的 applications are compatible with different platforms 和 devices. 颤振 technology allows us to combine cross-platform software with the finest design 和 fast 发展.

  5. 适合创业

    It is user-friendly, fast, plugin-based. You receive simplified 发展 in short terms, but the result – cross-platform iOS安卓 app with awesome design 和 quick performance.


Building software for the business is a truly rewarding investment. Impress your customers with new opportunities. We’ll help with implementing a practical-to-use application that in parallel is:


Visually stimulating design with convenient buttons, 相关部件, 屏幕之间的快速转换


A harmonious combination of a wide range of content with exciting media 和 animation.


Well-tuned for your business concept 和 ability to transmit your originality. 向用户展示,你是独一无二的.


We provide hybrid app 发展 for businesses with different business needs. Starting a software project in 颤振 is always inspirational. Inoxoft commitment to project success will help you experience professional 和 friendly cooperation with a skilled web开发人员团队 和接收专业 网络支持.


全球十大外围足球平台愿意雇用心慌意乱的开发商 that are full-stack 和 possess extensive knowledge in 移动开发 for iOS 和 安卓. How do our teams work on each product? Aiming at a 100% quality product, Inoxoft engineers will:




Ship features faster 和 cheaper to our customers









Effective 自定义 颤振 Solution for Your Business

More flexibility, more design, more power with 颤振. 自定义 颤振的应用开发 services by Inoxoft will help you upgrade your business to the next level


You can digitalize learning 和 contribute to innovations in the domain. 全球十大外围足球平台提供发展 使用颤振构建的应用程序 with smooth scrolling 和 transitions which are great for journaling 和 any educational content


虚拟支付系统, 安全的钱包, fast data withdrawing 和 accurate analysis – increase income with great software.


Create custom robust apps for tracking loads, locations 和 solve logistics & 库存问题很容易.

医疗保健 & 生命科学

We’ll help you create apps for tracking healthy activities, healthcare workflow 和 patient management 和 more

Why Choose Inoxoft for 颤振的应用开发

If you are interested in a partnership with an IT company, we offer you some milestones of partnership at Inoxoft that can suit your vision, 预算, 和时间. Providing 颤振 开发服务, Inoxoft ensures:

  • 灵活的合作模式
  • 符合你预算的成本
  • 有充分根据的时间表
  • 敏捷项目管理
  • 富有成效的合作
  • 准时交货
  • 合格的工程师


We are a young team of certified engineers with sharp minds 和 baggage of experience in IT. You will work with a proactive 和 skilled Project Manager, 参与和交付经理, 团队领导, 软件工程师, 及品质保证工程师.

个人的方法 定制 任何解决方案.

Commitment to business needs 和 client’s ideas. Project 实现 at Inoxoft starts when all sides believe in the reliability of 目标, an effective definition of business needs that match all requirements. 全球十大外围足球平台只为完美而奋斗 颤振应用开发解决方案.


交付 Managers at Inoxoft take responsibility for presenting a client with custom high-class products. It is a winning advantage that ensures 100% success in delivered education applications.


We carefully plan each stage of project 实现 和 each detail is negotiated with the client. We stay open to improvements 和 flexible to changes in terms of software 开发服务.


在每个发展阶段, we maintain regular communication with a client, 报告结果, 和 execute 和 plan tasks according to agile management techniques.


全球十大外围足球平台的 clients watch great changes 和 receive the amazing 颤振应用程序开发的好处. We work on improvements to functionality that optimize the 预算 和时间 spent on 实现. Committed to the business needs of our partners, we prioritize transparent communication 和 long-term business relations.



选择Inoxoft, our clients obtain professional 颤振 services 和 solutions, which makes us the top software 发展 company. So, our clients always come back to us to deploy their new outst和ing projects.


Inoxoft是一个 颤振应用开发公司 that specializes in custom 移动 solutions for different business needs. We upgrade the tech stack to the latest updates in the IT domain. 移动应用开发服务 allow us to present you with awesome applications 和 help you make the business lucrative.

If you are interested in the Inoxoft 颤振的应用程序开发 service,请随时与全球十大外围足球平台联系. You’ll receive all the necessary information 和 can stay in contact with our experts. We want you to be confident in starting the project 和 not being afraid of investing in software 发展. 对于这个, we provide you with all the details on how we implement your idea into reality, what terms 和 conditions of partnership can be. 发送您的请求, tell us your needs 和 we’ll find the solutions that perfectly match your 预算, 目标, 和视觉. 雇佣颤振开发人员 并享受您的业务增长.


    If you have any questions,请随时与全球十大外围足球平台联系.


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